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Advice and Safety Tips

Staying Safe and Secure on AutoScrap Market

At AutoScrap Market, we pay a great details to the safety of our users. So If you're looking for safety advice on selling your spare parts and accessories then this is the right place to be. Whether you're a Private dealer, a trader or an individual looking to Buy and Sell with AutoScrap Market, we have have the right information you need to stay safe and secure on our website and App platforms.

Buying or selling Spare parts or Scrap cars should be a Safe, Easy and Stress free activity. That's why at AutoScrap Market, we aim to make sure our customer experience exactly that. We have put together useful tips to help you stay safe online, whether you're buying or selling Parts, Accessories or Scrap vehicles. See below information for quick tips.

1. Buying safely online

2. Paying for Spare Parts and Scrap Cars

3. Contacting your Buyers and Sellers

Buying and Selling Safely on AutoScrap Market

We advice that you do as much research about both the Parts you are buying and also the Seller before deciding to buy. We have online user reviews as well as products reviews which can be used as a guide. Check out what other customers are saying and review the comments from other buyers; this will go a long way to ensuring you make a safe purchase. Possibly, call the seller to make sure the pictures on the advert are exactly what you will be getting. If unsure about anything, do not second guess, contact the seller to clarify.

As a Seller, we advice that you do not send a parts or vehicle until a clear payment is secured. Be wary of unrealistic calls and offers from random buyers who claim to pay through Paypal and your money will be cleared in few days.

We don’t offer or recommend any payment or shipping services and we don’t own, buy or sell any of the Spare parts and Scrap Cars on the website. However, we may advice items on behave of a brand or seller but we will always direct you to the seller. We only operate as a third party and we will recommend you contact the number on the advert directly and deal with the seller.

We take no responsibility for any issues or loss which may arise between you and the seller. Make sure you check and ask as much information as possible from the seller before committing to a payment. If possible arrange a visit with the seller to see and check the Parts or Vehicle and if necessary, check the documents before handing over any money.

We recommend you contact the seller or buyer through our messaging and contact number available on the AutoScrap Market website and App platforms. Please be aware that we will never ask you to login to your AutoScrap Market account via email or SMS. And only enter your login details when you see a padlock in the address bar before the website address.

Tips to Buying Auto Parts Safely

  1. Make sure you know everything you need to know about the part you are buying. this includes vehicle identification number, or VIN.
  2. If possible send a picture and information of the old or damaged part to the seller so you can make sure you get the exact part and it will also help you spot a duplicate part.
  3. Duplicated parts aren’t hard to make, and because they are only copies, they are not safe. The good news is they are usually easy to spot. A duplicate will look slightly different from your part or will have small errors like an incorrect logo.

for more info check out our Useful tips for Buying Auto Parts

Tips to help avoid scams

  1. If a vehicle is offered at a much cheaper price, ask yourself why. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
  2. Make sure the seller has a valid address and telephone number. Always visit the seller at home, and never buy without seeing and driving the vehicle.
  3. Be wary of buyers who want to buy the vehicle without seeing it, request upfront shipment payments or private information, display a false sense of urgency or unnecessary details, as it could be a vehicle export scam.
  4. Never wire money abroad, as it is often a fraudulent seller.

Tips to help protect your computer

  1. Ensure your security software is up-to-date, including anti-virus protection, anti-spyware software, and a firewall.
  2. Shop on trustworthy websites. Check the seller’s reputation, and look for the widely-recognised trust marks on their websites.
  3. Set a secure password for your wi-fi connection using a combination of letters and numbers.
  4. Block spam emails, and use an up-to-date web browser.

Tips to help protect your identity and privacy

  1. Don’t let your card out of sight. If you believe your card or card numbers have been stolen, call your card issuer immediately.
  2. Beware of phishing emails. Legitimate businesses are unlikely to send emails claiming problems with an order or an account to lure the buyer into revealing financial information.
  3. Confirm your purchase is secure. Look in the address box for the ‘S’ in https://, and in the lower-right corner for the lock symbol before paying, to be sure the website is encrypted.
  4. Check your bank statements often. Get in touch with your bank or credit card company immediately if you notice a transaction you didn’t make.
  5. Protect your personal information. Look at a site’s private policy and understand how your personal information is being used. Sites without a privacy policy should be avoided.
  6. Be careful about the personal information you give away online, such as on blogs or social networks.
  7. Use a secure password, with a mix of words, letters, numbers and punctuation. Avoid using names of loved ones or other easy-to-guess passwords.

What to do if you think you’re a victim of fraud or cyber crime

  • If you think you’ve been targeted by a fraudster, contact AutoScrap Market immediately by emailing, or calling 07784 204 203 02037121817
  • If you're still unsure of what to expect when using our website or still require more information, we advice you visit our FAQ section to give you an idea of what to expect.
  • You can also visit our Glossary of terms for languages used in the Auto Part Industry and also to understand some terms used by AutoScrap Market in order to understand our service.

VSTAG helping to protect buyers and sellers from vehicle-related fraud.

Get Safe Online offers help and advice to avoid scams and stay safe on the internet.

Citizens Advice can provide advice on your consumer rights.

Action Fraud is the UK's national online crime reporting centre.

DVLA maintains registers of drivers and vehicles.


Report a Scam

Seeing anything Suspicious?

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